Your Guide to Understanding Objections

By Charles L. Groebe, president and owner of Wm. C. Groebe & Co., REALTORS®, Oak Lawn, IL

Do You Have Any Objections? Your Guide to Turning Buyer Resistance Into Sales. Editors at Dartnell, 144 pages. Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995. $12.95.

For the most part, the third volume in Dartnell’s professional selling series is a practical guide to understanding objections in sales and turning those problems into opportunities.

The authors promise that this easy-to-read book will analyze objections under a microscope, and they deliver on that. In fact, the book may analyze objections too thoroughly. It’s not until chapter 4, the most useful in the book, that readers learn why and where objections occur, and how to overcome them rather than just define them.

Chapter 4 discusses objection-management techniques, such as customer testimonials, negotiation, and language skills—all of which can go a long way to anticipate and stave off clients’ objections. You can use these techniques to get listings as well as to close deals. But many of you may lose interest before chapter 4.

Overall, the book responds to objections constructively. Many brokers and sales trainers will find it a helpful resource for new salespeople or those looking to brush up on the basics. That’s partly because the book emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude—welcoming objections as a way to learn how to resolve them and improve your sales skills.

Dartnell’s professional selling series understands that great salespeople are made, not born. You can improve your bottom line by reading the book and then applying it to real-life situations as often as possible.

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