1001 Tips for a Happy Workplace

By Dave Siweck, CRB, CRS®, GRI, vice president, ERA–Gem Realty, Tucson, Ariz.

1001 Ways to Reward Employees By Bob Nelson (Workman Publishing Co.) 1994. 192 pages. $9.95

Recognition makes for a happy workplace, and 1001 Ways to Reward Employees provides valuable resources you can use to implement a company recognition program. You’ll discover ideas you can take advantage of to reward both independent contractors and office staff.

With statistical data from employee surveys, the book explains the significance of recognition and shows what types of recognition most employees prefer. And even though many of the book’s ideas aren’t specific to the industry, you can easily adapt them. For instance, three guidelines for effectively recognizing and rewarding workers are

  1. Match the reward to the person
  2. Match the reward to the achievement
  3. Be timely and specific

There are also bulleted lists of quick reward ideas and tips. Examples of informal rewards include a note on a paycheck envelope (“Thanks for all your hard work on this one”) and a congratulatory letter from the company president.

For those who have a small or nonexistent budget for recognition, 1001 Ways offers lots of low-cost tips: a facial, a massage, a manicure, or even a round of golf. Some of the suggestions are even funny or food for thought. For instance, for somebody who likes golf, you may get a miniature golf set for the office.

The book also lists companies that provide special rewards and companies that coordinate unusual reward activities, such as pancake breakfasts at which managers serve breakfast to employees. It even offers lists of reward-travel coordinators.

This is a book you should keep as a reference for finding new and creative rewards when you think it’s time to give recognition. You may even want to give the book—as a reward, perhaps?—to your salespeople. They may find it valuable for motivating, retaining, and rewarding their personal assistants.

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