How to Work with Different Personalities

By Hazel W. Lewis, GRI, president and CEO of Lewis & Associates, Arlington, Va.

When All Else Fails: Finding Solutions to Your Most Persistent Management Problems By Kevin E. O’Connor and Frank C. Bucaro $19.95

When I began reading When All Else Fails, I thought, ”OK, there should be something to learn here.”

I was right.

Despite the fact that the book could be more to the point, it offers a valuable lesson about how to work with different personalities. And you can apply the techniques to any relationship–professional or personal.

Brokers are constantly interacting with salespeople, other brokers, customers, clients, and service providers. The backgrounds of these people are incredibly diverse, so we must deal with them in ways that are just as diverse. What’s most important–and the point the authors drive home–is that you have to be personally versatile.

We often say, “It sounds as if he has a personal problem.” The authors made me realize that if I want to change the way people act toward me, I have the personal problem, and, right or wrong, I’m the one who must change.

This book doesn’t grab you and hold you, but it’s certainly easy reading. It was slow going in the beginning, with the lessons not really starting before Chapter 6. (The irony is that Chapter 12 is titled “To Begin.”) But I couldn’t replace the lessons I learned from When All Else Fails.

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  1. Understanding different personalities and how they communicate is not only important to run a successful team but also its important when it comes to communicating with our clients. You cannot talk to everyone the same way. They will not get the information they need if we deliver it the way we want to instead of how they need us to. Thank you!