Monthly Archive:: March 2000

How to Work Smart When You Work at Home

By Christina Hoffmann Spira, REALTOR® Magazine As an independent contractor, you’re accustomed to a career that affords flexibility. So working from home some or all of the time may feel quite natural to you. Or, maybe not. The Work...
March 26, 2000

Mackay’s New One Can Envelop You in Success

By Lucien Salvant, REALTOR® Magazine As soon as you hear the title of Harvey Mackay’s book, Pushing the Envelope All the Way to the Top (New York: Ballantine Books, 1999; $24.95), you know the business advice guru is tipping...
March 23, 2000

Print Primer for Tech-Minded Consumers

By Christina Hoffmann Spira, REALTOR® Magazine, by Blanche Evans (Chicago: Dearborn Financial Publishing, Inc.; $17.95), is the book Web surfing buyers and sellers need next to their mouse pad. As a straightforward soup-to-nuts account of the homebuying and...
March 20, 2000