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By Vanessa Sibley, REALTOR® Magazine

How many times have you discovered the perfect solution to a problem after the meeting or the deadline? Floyd Hurt knows the difficulty of initiating creative thinking. For more than 30 years, he earned his creative wings as a frontline producer in sales, marketing, and advertising at his own agency. Hurt has written a book–more of an instructional guide–to help you close the creativity gap and stimulate new ideas when you need them, not weeks later.

Rousing Creativity: Think New Now! (Menlo Park, Calif.: Crisp Publications; $17.95) involves you in the creative process with work sheets and exercises to expand your thinking. Here are a few of Hurt’s ideas:

  • Break the ice. You can change the entire attitude of a meeting with a mind-teasing task to encourage teamwork. For example, solve a problem by role-playing from the perspective of a well-known person. Tap into the mentality of the Greek god Eros, baseball great Yogi Berra, or comedienne Lucille Ball to approach the obstacle from a new and entertaining direction.
  • Have the willingness, if not the passion, to change. It’s essential to the creative effort to pull yourself out of old habits and take risks.
  • Any action you take causes a reaction from others. Hold a brainstorming session with colleagues and clients for idea gathering—a roomful of minds is more productive than one.

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