Giving in to Fate

By Stacey Moncrieff, REALTOR® Magazine

In Do Less, Achieve More (New York: HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 1998; $18), author Chin-Ning Chu has combined goal-setting rhetoric with a strong undercurrent of spirituality and Eastern philosophy to drive home that you can achieve your goals even in a life patterned by fate.

Chin-Ning compares life to a supermarket, one in which you can’t buy anything but only trade for what you have. She suggests that once a year, you make out a “shopping list” and decide what you’ll trade in for the things you want; many things you thought you wanted will seem less important.

To move forward, she says, stop thinking in a linear fashion. In the quantum theory of physics, “an electron inside an atom, under the proper stimulus, disappears from one orbit and then reappears in another orbit,” says Chin-Ning. “Effectively, it does not exist in between the two different orbits.” Humans, too, can make a quantum leap by altering the logical nature of their mind—thinking outside the box.

To make the leap, you need to get rid of the fear that holds you back from making change. “The more you fear not surviving, the tighter you cling to ill-calculated survival strategies until you squeeze the very life out of what you do,” she says. “Embrace the possibility of not surviving and be willing to face the worst of consequences. You will find there a sudden burst of blissful courage.”

The subtitle of Chin-Ning’s book is Discover the Hidden Power of Giving In. By giving in to your fate, she says, you open up the possibility of success.

Stacey Moncrieff

Stacey is vice president of business-to-business communications for the National Association of REALTORS®, overseeing the association's key communications with NAR members and REALTOR® association executives.

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