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By Christopher M. Leporini, REALTOR® Magazine

Ever gotten involved in real estate negotiation where the other side started using obscure terms you didn’t understand? Don’t get caught at a loss for words, again. Race to your copy of The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms—a comprehensive reference book for real-estate practitioners. The original author, Damien Abbot returns for this second edition (Delta Alpha Pub, $145.00).

Published 14 years after the first edition, it provides detailed definitions for over 8,000 terms, with entries spanning from “a fortiori” to “zoning variance”and everything in-between.

Not only does the encyclopedia provide basic definitions for just about every real estate term, it also features extensive cross-referencing. The book contains citations to 3,900 cases, 2,100 statutory or code references, and 4,500 bibliographic references. This allows you to track down additional information about the origins of many entries. The book also features an appendix, which includes a bibliography, major laws and enactments, professional associations, financial formulas, and acronyms.

Though primarily geared toward North America, The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms also touches on European real estate law,as most U.S. real estate law is based on an English model.The book is also scattered through with materials from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, and New Zealand.

No one can know every real estate term, but with The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms on your desk, you don’t have to. As either practical handbook of current terminology or a historical reference tool, it proves a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the real estate word.

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