Making Project Management a SNAPP

By Christopher M. Leporini, REALTOR® Magazine

It’s the big idea, the one that could change your life, boost your productivity, break open new real estate markets, and let you retire at 45. You’ve visualized. You’ve conceptualized. You’ve brainstormed. You know that you want to do. But when it comes time to implement your plan, everything unravels.

Sometimes even the best ideas go astray. Make It Happen! SNAPP Your Way To Success in Business and in Life by Ron Biagi and Tresa Eyres (It’s the How Publishing Company, $24.95) shows you how to give your project the underlying structure it needs to become successful and how to direct and motivate your team toward the desired goal.

There are five parts to the SNAPP method of project management:

  • See it. Defining a project is the vital first step to success. Begin by asking questions that help you clarify your goals. Ask questions like: What does it look like when it’s finished? Why are we doing this? Who is the customer? These answers help you identify your goals and give you a means of evaluating your results.
  • Negotiate it. Lack of preparation, miscommunication, and ambiguity between co-workers can sabotage even a well-thought-out project. Meet with key team players on the project to flesh out the project’s basic structure. Ask questions like: What is the project’s scope? What are its assumptions? Who will help? What can change or go wrong? What is the budget? Mapping out these elements ensures that all your team members are on the same page.
  • Agree on it. Once you’ve decided on the why and who of a project, creating a blueprint for how is equally important. Ask questions like: What is the action plan? Who is accountable? Who will approve it? You’ve already made sure that your project is built on a firm foundation; now you need to figure out the specifics of implementation.
  • Persist. The hardest part for many people is following through. It’s easy to compromise or even abandon your goals at this stage. Persistence helps you keep a firm grip on carrying out the plans that you’ve made so far. Be sure that you: Manage performance. Monitor the details. Make and follow a communications plan. Stay focused. Lead by example. It’s your job to be a leader and shepherd the project to completion.
  • Praise the team. Recognizing your team members’ contributions increases efficiency and job satisfaction while the project is underway. The authors suggest some basic, but often overlooked techniques. Say “thank you” Celebrate a successful completion. Let everybody know that you appreciate all their hard work.

The book provides dozens of templates and forms that show you how to use the SNAPP method to define goals, organize action plans, and carry out other parts of the program for both new and existing projects. To help you in applying the principles to everyday life, the book follows the “Tale of the Tangled Web Site” a real-life case study of the AB-Z Company’s efforts to launch a Web site.

While there is no magic formula for success in real estate or in life, Make It Happen! should inspire you to start asking the right questions to organize and implement your ideas. If you believe that you have the vision to succeed, this book may provide a road map for translate thoughts into realities.

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