Setting Your Style

By Barbara Ballinger, REALTOR® Magazine

First Home With Style By Brian Kramer and the editors of Better Homes & Garden Books (Better Homes & Garden, 2004)

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New homebuyers may have had a tough time taking the plunge and finding the home of their dreams within their price range. But once they move in, they face another challenge of choosing which home improvement and decorating projects to tackle first—a daunting task, especially if funds are tight. This book is a good primer to help your prospects understand the dos and don’ts of settling in, from figuring out their overall decorating style to choosing carpet and paint, and deciding what types of furnishings and arrangements they want for each room. It goes into all the nitty-gritty, too, such as window treatments, pillows, nightstands, and bedroom lighting. A good chapter focuses on arranging furniture when space is tight, such as in a multipurpose dining room or a den/guest room; installing art; sewing window treatments; and dividing a room with storage systems.

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