Top 10 Sales & Selling Books (12/13/07)


Here are the latest top selling books on sales and selling, according to

1. Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your SmallBusiness , By Jay Conrad Levinson

2. Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness, By Jeffrey Gitomer

3. The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, By Chris Anderson

4. Little Green Book of Getting Your Way: How to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade, Influence, and Sell Your Point of View to Others, By Jeffrey Gitomer

5. The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies, By Chet Holmes

6. The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing: Build a Million-Dollar Business in 12 Months, By Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Robert Skrob

7. Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want, By James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine II

8. Covert Persuasion: Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game, By Kevin Hogan and James Speakman

9. Little Red Book of Sales Answers: 99.5 Real World Answers That Make Sense, Make Sales, and Make Money, By Jeffrey Gitomer

10. Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, By Andy Sernovitz and Guy Kawasaki

Melissa Tracey

Melissa Dittmann Tracey is a contributing editor for REALTOR® Magazine, writing about home & design trends, technology, and sales and marketing. She manages the magazine's award-winning Styled, Staged & Sold blog.

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