Sell With Soul: Generate More Business Leads

By Erica Christoffer


If cold calling, door knocking, and spending oodles of money on marketing don’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t sweat it, you can still flourish in the real estate business. Author Jennifer Allan will show you how in her book Sell with Soul (BlueGreen Books, 2008). No longer do you have to tarnish your principles to prospect. Challenging the industry’s status quo, Allan offers fun and easy tips on how to generate business and referrals with respect. Allan uses examples from her own career, while outlining the value of a hard and thorough work ethic to achieve success. BUY THE BOOK


1. Take your friends to lunch. Keep in touch with people in your social network by taking one person to lunch each week. Don’t make it an infomercial about your business. Instead use the time as an opportunity to catch up. After all, relationships are key. Next time someone at your friend’s office says they’re looking for a REALTOR®, you’ll be the first to pop into mind.

2. Know your market. Look at houses, preview as much as you can, and put together practice market analysis reports. Be the expert your clients expect you to be, plus some. Knowledge and professionalism are impressive traits. Plus, your clients will trust you more when you know what you’re talking about. Allan’s mantra: “Competence gives you confidence.”

3. Spruce up the follow-up. Return calls and e-mails as quickly as possible — even if it’s to say you’ll call them back later. As a service provider, you should make yourself available and accessible. It also makes clients feel respected and important. As Allan explains, she landed one of her first big sales because she answered the phone during dinner.

4. Take responsibility for your mistakes. In her early real estate days, Allan once forgot to present a client with the seller’s property disclosure. This cost her the removal of one very large dead tree, right out of her own pocketbook. The silver lining was her client became so impressed with her honesty and willingness to make the situation right, he continues to refer business to her today.

5. Consider blogging. Can you string a few sentences together? Good. Consider blogging about your experiences, your local market, or just everyday events. If you’re interesting and consistent, the readers will come — and so will the prospects.


“As a professional real estate agent, you will be well paid for your services, and your clients expect you to be competent at your job, not just competent at prospecting. Your paying clients don’t care if you have 10 listings or two, if you have five upcoming closings or none. They do care deeply that you understand the real estate market, that you’re a good negotiator and that you know how to look after them and their needs.”


Allan got her start in the real estate business in 1996 and quickly found success with her thorough yet-laid-back nature. In Sell with Soul, which came out this year, she shows the benefits that knowledge, hard work and support can bring. A Denver native and prolific blogger, Allan encourages her peers to be true to themselves and true to their clients with her own style of lucrative business-generating ideas.

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