Excerpt From SuccessMapping: 8 Things That Are Blocking You From Success


successmappingThe following is an excerpt from the book SuccessMapping: Achieve What You Want…Right Now! (Emerald Book Co., 2009) by Arlene Johnson. The book provides a step-by-step roadmap to achieving success and your personal goals.

Here’s a very basic and universal truth: We all have far more potential than we will ever realize. Really, you are wired to experience success in all that matters to you. It’s who you are. So, equipped with your belief in what might be possible and what you next want to accomplish, SuccessMapping will show you how!

The Eight Success Blockers

Even when we strongly believe that we are totally capable to achieve a specific goal, we can stall out and stop taking action before we accomplish what we set out to. What keeps preventing us from starting or completing our most important journeys toward life dreams and goals?

There are eight major reasons-“success blockers”-that can stop you from starting something you want to achieve or completing it once you’ve started.

The Eight Success Blockers are:

1. Neglecting your potential. Not believing that you can succeed with-or, because of multiple options, having no clarity about-what you really want to accomplish.

2. Lack of focus. When your thoughts, behaviors and actions are not “laser-focused” on what you want to achieve.

3. Choosing not to engage. Making decisions that Do Not Help you achieve what you want: When needing to change, choosing to wait and see and do nothing different. Or choosing to oppose or resist engaging in the change opportunity.

4. Ignoring your strengths. Not knowing, not utilizing or not leveraging your personal strengths to help you more easily achieve a goal.

5. Ignoring potential obstacles. Not being prepared to see, resolve or transform potential stumbling blocks.

6. Going it alone. Not using a collaborative approach to ask and get the specific support or resources you need to help you achieve your business or personal goal.

7. Decisions without foresight. Not weighing the benefits and consequences of important decisions and actions. Possible results? Decisions made with no commitment or that you later regret.

8. Not being change-ready. Allowing how you respond to change to sabotage having the life you want. Not recognizing and taking charge of the predictable dynamics of change.

Even with extraordinary capabilities and an abundance of resources, these Eight Success Blockers can delay you or stop you cold. Not knowing or not managing these success blockers can cause you to wait, start-stop, and become easily distracted or sidetracked with other life activities. Sound familiar?

Knowing is preventing.

So, if you are not pursuing an important business or personal goal, ask yourself: “Why not? Which block right now is causing me to delay accomplishing what I want?”


Whatever you put on those lines is self-knowledge that, alone, is a huge step toward overcoming a barrier between you and your life dream or goal.

This knowledge and the information and tools of each SuccessMapping Step will easily guide you through the Eight Success Blockers. The outcome? You will have a step-by-step Success Map that really works, regardless of what you want to accomplish.


Copyright © 2009 by Arlene Johnson. From SUCCESSMAPPING:  Achieve What You Want . . .Right Now! by Arlene Johnson (Emerald Book Company). Reprinted with permission of the author.  To order this book or receive more information, please visit www.successmapping.com.

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