Jack Cotton Knows Luxury Real Estate

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  1. Joan Witter

    I have had the pleasure to work with Jack for over 16 years. He has always been my mentor and my go to guy. You will love this book and all the info Jack shares. For any realtor that wants to get ahead this is a “must read.”

  2. “You have to show up on time, dress right, get people to know you, like you, trust you, hire you and pay you”- this applies not only to get access to the luxury property clients, its applying as a basic service or behavior to all clients.At least for me. So many agents got lazy in the last years as the business was running by itself. Good time for agents which really want to sell homes and not only get the fast cash.


    Jack, I attened your class at the NAR CONVENTION in New Orleans. I mis- placed your class outline that was provided.
    Please send another copy to me. I throughly enjoyed the class and want to follow some of the concepts you talked about.

    Lois Hall
    12401 Longwater Dr.
    Mitchellville, Md 20721

  4. Jack Cotton always has great information for luxury specialists… and the book is essential for those in Luxury Real Estate.