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By Erica Christoffer, Multimedia Web Producer, REALTOR® Magazine

Teddy coverMoving is an event that involves the entire family. It’s an exciting new stage in life, but it can also cause some anxiety, especially for children.

A real estate practitioner serves as a guide, advocate, and educator to clients making their way through the home buying process. Anna Parille says she takes that to heart.

A REALTOR® with William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty in Ridgefield, Conn., Parille has written a children’s book, Teddy & His Magical Paw: A New Home for the Honeypies (AuthorHouse, 2010), to help children embrace the new beginning a home purchase can bring. “When a child is stressed, it really stresses the parent. It’s a domino effect,” says Parille, who ran a nursery school for 20 years before entering real estate in 2005. “I thought maybe I can help everyone out there experiencing this.”


Her book introduces children to a REALTOR®, Miss Annie, and her special puppy named Teddy, and walks the reader though the journey of the Honeypie family as they look for a new home. “Being a REALTOR®, I’ve worked with clients whose children don’t want to move and leave their bedroom, their friends, and their school,” says Parille. “The goal of this book is to alleviate some of that fear.”

Teddy & His Magical Paw is also an educational tool, with a glossary of real estate terms, word search, and a read-along DVD narrated by Parille. A mini-address book at the back will help kids keep in touch with their friends. Parille, who illustrated the book herself, says it can also be a resource for friends staying in their old neighborhood. “Good things will come, and that’s how the book ends. This will help children understand that even though they’re fearful at the moment, they can learn to embrace and become a part of the process,” says Parille. And Teddy’s character adds some fun, getting children involved and excited about a new home.

Watch Parille’s video as she discusses her new book:

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  1. Kurt Shmussle

    I purchased this book to read to my 3 year old and he absolutly loves the book! Not only is the story interesting and an easy read, but informative. I highly recommend this book and this year gave several copies as Christmas gifts.

  2. Chelsea Honeyman

    Great book the kids love it & its an noninvasive way to introduce the moving process!

  3. Nancy Honeyman

    This is a wonderful book for personal enjoyment to read to your family members or to give as a gift to anyone with young children that you know are moving. The book comes alive with characters that everyone can relate to. The pages are bright and cheerful! There is a magical and happy dog named Teddy which will warm your heart. I could see him becoming a childhood favorite to all. Love the learning tools in the back of the book (glossary, address book). Look forward to more books from this author on other topics.

  4. David Wright

    What a great book… This really made moving “fun” for my children! The artwork and writing in this book really speaks to my kids. I give this book 5 stars!