Master ‘The Art of Conversation’

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  1. This is a really great article. The shyness starts in childhood. We have been told not to interrupt, sit down and be quiet,don’t speak to strangers….eventually just keep quiet in most cases until you get a feel for the situation and whether or not you are accepted in the room. Couple all of this with being a chlld of immigrant parents who themselves do not know how to fit in, and the child completely withdraws. If they are lucky somewhere along the way someone will mentor them or be a role model for them and they can begin to climb out of their upbringing…..and maybe just maybe they will let their light shine.

  2. Ann Knope

    Well-timed and beneficial words.

    So important in this internet age when being personable can become a lost art.

    When we really listen to those around us, and relate in ways that connect us to each other, things take on a better perspective and help us to close the gap.

    Thank you Catherine.

  3. Mike Kelly

    I am a Realtor but have been sort of hiding out for a while working on new business strategies. I am in my fifties and find myself reading out loud instead of silently. Am I possiblly losing my mind or can this be considered normal?

  4. Rene Araos

    As Lorraine said is a great article, also she is wright about childhood, I’m one of those kids, not allow to talk to stranger, or people below my class ( what a joke), not allow to smile, because idiot smile all the time, the price I have been paid is to high, unable to reach my full potential. while I was not able to overcome this issues, I was able to tech my kids to be friendly and respect other people, the reward for them an my satisfaction has been both have good jobs, and university degree.
    It nothing wrong with smile and talk to stranger we do all the time, the main point is to teach kids about the danger and recognize the factors involved on it.

    Thank you Catherine.