‘Come Together’: A Chat with Richard Courtney

By Stacey Moncrieff, Editor in Chief, REALTOR® Magazine

come-together-bookWhen writer and real estate broker Richard Courtney visited REALTOR® Magazine’s offices on a rainy day in April, I realized how firmly the Beatles oeuvre is implanted in our brains—at least for those of us of a certain age.

I awaited Richard’s arrival humming “A Day in the Life” (“I heard the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade.”). Knowing that we’d be heading out for lunch, I looked out at the cloudy day wishing for “Good Day, Sunshine.” After we finished the interview, the taxi ride to the restaurant was “The Long and Winding Road.” And our lunch was at the aptly named “Blackbird” restaurant (though the whimsical menu seemed to be inspired more by the Mother Goose rhyme — “4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie” — than the Lennon-McCartney song.)

Like me, Richard and co-author George Cassidy seem to think in Beatles lyrics, and they’ve used the words to mostly good effect in their book Come Together: The Business Wisdom of the Beatles,” (Trade Paper Press, 2011). But that’s not why you should read the book. The two drew on their encyclopedic knowledge of the Fab Four to teach practical business lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs. The writing’s breezy, the advice is straightforward, and the Beatles trivia is abundant. The lessons are apropos for real estate practitioners, and even though I don’t operate my own business, the book made me look at my own career differently.


Erica Christoffer and I had a great time interviewing Richard. Katie Tarbox shot the video, and she just finished editing it before heading out for a well-deserved vacation (thus, the timing of this post!).

A random suggestion from a New York Times reporter has set the writing duo off on their next quest: a book on the business wisdom of the Rolling Stones. Can’t wait. Should be another satisfying read!

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  1. Great chat Richard. Way to go!