What’s Your Favorite Real Estate Book?

Tell us your favorite real estate book of all-time.

Send an e-mail to Erica Christoffer, echristoffer@realtors.org, that includes the following:

  • Title of the real estate book
  • Author’s name
  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Why it’s your favorite book

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  1. My favorite book is Underwater Home by Brent T. White. At this time the most important job I can do for my clients is educate them on their options when they are underwater on their mortgage. Mr. White is an attorney and Professor of Law at the University of Arizona, and he provides excellent information to help these homeowners understand that – in most cases – a strategic default is the best option for them, and that taking this path will not be as onerous for their future as the lenders would like them to believe. I give this book to all of my “Underwater” clients, and everyone appreciates it.

  2. Richard Castleberry


    Are you going to share the books others suggested?


  3. Paul Scheufer

    I agree with Nancy. I have been recommending Underwater Homes since it was published. It is a great take on the foreclosure and short sale mess. It even covers the ethical considerations.