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Last month we asked readers to share their favorite real estate book. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of three books in particular:  Rich Buyer, Rich Seller!, (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication, and Underwater Home. Although we couldn’t reprint all the recommendations, here’s a few of the lively comments real estate pros wrote about these three books. Find out why they’re worth putting on your must-read list in 2012.

Rich Buyer, Rich Seller! The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Luxury Marketing Luxury Homes by Laurie Moore-Moore

Gretchen Lambeth

Fabulous insight into how the luxury market works!  A must read for all agents who want to work in this niche.” — Gretchen L. Lambeth, Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

“Hands down, it’s the best written, most comprehensive yet concise real estate book I have read. It provides unparalleled insight and value to all luxury real estate professionals, from novices to the most experienced.” — Darren Weiner, Antigen Realty, Miami Beach, Fla.

Petra Fahey

“I was one of the early members of the LHMS designation and have attended two of Laura’s classes over the years. This book is the most successful tool I have and the information has allowed me to become and remain a strong presence in the luxury home market for my area.  The most important insight was learning the housing market at the various  price points.  Many of the homes I list are custom homes, so this pricing strategy is paramount in helping me get the price point across to my sellers.  I use this strategy when pricing all my luxury homes and homes that are in other price ranges as well.  After years of following the steps in Laura’s book, I am now regularly interviewed by the local paper when they are working on a real estate specific story.  I can’t thank Laura enough for her efforts that have resulted in my success.” — Petra Fahey,  Real Living Country Ranch, Bullhead City, Ariz.

Carol Holland

“I loved the book, because it gave me insight into ‘real buyers and sellers.’ I have had difficulty in the past with buyers who wanted me to show them the world, but were insulted when I asked them about pre-qualification. I now know how to approach this topic with skill and poise. I treasure this book!” — Carol Holland, Carol’s Luxury Listings, Keller Williams, Chicago

“It is a good read for anyone interested in marketing high-end homes.  But it also serves as a reference book for those practitioners who are looking for information that will give them an edge in promoting their luxury listings.” — Val Arbona, RE/MAX Vintage, Houston

Beth Gustafson

“I have truly appreciated Laurie’s time, experience and willingness to share her expertise with us.  Laurie’s book is a jewel, waiting to be discovered by agents.  I feel lucky to have already been a part of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, met Laurie, and know how genuine she is about helping others to be the best they can be.” — Beth Gustafson, Gosa Properties, Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown, Atlanta

Debbie Bragonier

“Laurie’s ‘Guide to Luxury Marketing’ is just that.  Luxury Homes are a special niche of the market that requires special attention.  It’s imperative that an agent understands the luxury home community and how they operate.  Laurie explains it in detail, giving unique insights on how to work with the different groups of people.  Marketing a luxury home is more than just listing it on the MLS with a bunch of fancy pictures.  Not only does Laurie share creative and unique ways to market a Luxury Home but she also demonstrates on how turning a negative (such as a house with a ghost) into a lucrative marketing strategy.  Her creative approach not only produces a buyer for the home but brings in top dollar for it!  The unique thing about this book is that many of the marketing strategies that are outlined are useful in all price points of real estate, not just the luxury home market.  It oozes with creativity.” — Debbie Bragonier, Connect Realty, Granite Bay, Calif.

(7L)The Seven Levels of Communication by Michael Maher

“This book is so easy to read and gives the reader the information they need to make their real estate career profitable, manageable, and worthwhile. It is a life-changing book that will be both a business and personal model for the way we work and live. Not only should real estate agents read it, but their staff, family, and friends should also read it. Michael Maher is truly an inspiration for the way we should live our lives. He lives the meaning of generosity!” — Jeanette R. Holland, The Holland Group, Realty World First Coast Realty, Beaufort, N.C.

Michele Herndon

“I love this book because it spoke to me in ways that no other real estate book has (since The Millionaire Real Estate Agent). My business is basically 80 percent referrals, so I’m very comfortable with the entire concept of what is written in this book and it was a great story to boot!” — Michele Herndon, Keller Williams Realty So. Shore, Tampa Bay, Fla.

Heidi Joy & Tim Kizer

“This has by far been my best read this year for real estate. It has grown our business with its referral/personal touch systems. I love being part of the generosity generation.” — Heidi Joy Fortson, HT Sells Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, Fla.

“7L is my favorite book because it’s based on a business by referral and truly living a life of helping people.  And it has practical, easy to understand strategies that any business person can implement.  That and it’s an enjoyable easy read.  Every REALTOR® — shoot, every small business person — should have this on their desk as a resource.” — Jeff Wu, Century 21, New Millennium, McLean, Va.

Underwater Home: What Should You Do if You Owe More on Your Home than It’s Worth? by Brent T. White

Nancy Hughes

“At this time, the most important job I can do for my clients is educate them on their options when they are underwater on their mortgage. Mr. White is an attorney and professor of law at the University of Arizona, and he provides excellent information to help these homeowners understand that — in most cases — a strategic default is the best option for them, and that taking this path will not be as onerous for their future as the lenders would like them to believe. I give this book to all of my ‘underwater’ clients, and everyone appreciates it.” — Nancy Hughes, Rancon Real Estate, Temecula, Calif.

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