Drug Dealer Turned Agent: A Story of Redemption & Real Estate

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  1. This is an incredible story. I’m looking forward to reading the book. I’m amazed by the people who come from so little and such struggles, only to pull it off in the end and not only better their lives but people they come in contact with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike

    Not too sure about this guy. Has he done anything to help those who were his “other clients”. Or, like many folks, did he get out of town quickly?

  3. I’ve met Mr. Radcliffe at a Mike Ferry and purchased this book. I have to say its an amazing story. Very motivating!!

  4. Marjorie Seward

    This is an incredible story, but I do wonder how he was able to get errors and ommisons insurance particularly if he had ever been incarcerated.

  5. J

    How did he get a Real Estate liccense if he was incarcerated? They must have lax rules for Real Estate Agents and Brokers in his state.

  6. Meg White

    Marjorie Seward & J: Robert Radcliffe doesn’t mention being incarcerated in his book. From what I understand, the only time he spent “locked up” over drugs was when he went through rehab.

  7. Robert is a fascinating personality who has experienced both major failures and successes in life. His book and life story are so inspirational.

  8. Great book and great article! Thanks Meg.