Real Estate Confessional

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  1. Please bring back “In the Trenches” as a regular feature. These stories are always interesting and make other Realtors smile and laugh. It is nice to know we are not alone!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I can relate! We all have some interesting stories from the trenches….

    One showing I walked in with my buyers to find the owner’s houseguest coming out of the shower in a towel. Another showing we were sure the barking pit bull would rip through the flimsy cage and eat us alive! We were having trouble hearing each other for a while after that as the volume of the barking was super loud in the small apartment. These kinds of things definitely keep us on our toes but we do love our jobs and just learn to navigate carefully around obstacles or situations that come up.

  3. A similar work already exists with true and funny stories of Realtors in the United States. The book is called All In A Day’s Work for Real Estate Agents: Humorous & Heartwarming Stories (details and excerpts available at It includes 100 stories from agents in 44 states and was a Silver Award winner in the Ben Franklin Book Awards. Stories include things like being asked to be a client’s birthing coach, finding a dead body, and several funny wild animal stories.

  4. Mary

    Please continue “In the Trenches” – it was my favorite thing to read.

  5. Evelyn Brown

    Loved “In The Trenches” and have missed it dearly. Please bring it back. Those stories were priceless.