How Not to Repurpose Your Blog: 4 e-Publishing Lessons

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  1. Meg –

    Thanks a lot for this review. You make some valid points. The two-column layout is less than ideal if you’re going to read the PDF online. We knew links and chronology would be tricky, but could have handled that more elegantly.

    This was our first foray into the format; thanks for helping us work out the kinks!

  2. Thanks for your response, Brian. I applaud you guys for venturing out into the new e-publishing/repurposing wilderness, and hope to read more soon.

    Best of luck with future endeavors!

  3. Meg, I have been blogging since December 2007 shortly after hearing Jim Cronin of Real Estate Tomato speak at a KW event. Blogging has made a fundamental change in my business. The idea of re-using some of our better blog posts in a physical form like a newsletter, never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hey, Tom. No problem! Let us know how it goes for you.

  5. Incredible timing! I’m just about to finish a self-edited compilation of blog articles and had not foreseen some of the issues you’ve brought up.

    Learning from other peoples mistakes and from your article, perhaps I should hire an editor, add a couple of weeks to the self-imposed deadline and deliver the “Casas en Miami Online” piece as an ebook.

    Thanks a million!
    Alvaro C.
    Coconut Grove, FL

  6. Alvaro: Kismet! And good luck. I would love to hear how it goes for you, and if you have any advice for others when you’re finished.

  7. This is the exact same model that Google is trying to get established. I blogged about this topic here –>
    Will it not be long before sites like Trulia and Zillow begin charging consumers 5-10 cents for each house a web user looks at or to read how to articles?