Hey, REALTORS®: What’s so Special About You?

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  1. Sales….a very interesting word. I believe s a realor you show inventory based on what a buyer needs and likes. Once that is established and you really understand what the potential buyer is aiming at is when you get on to showing inventory.
    As a realtor you bring out ideas on neighborhoods, style, quality of area, homes, schools, etc. This is just shaing knowledge, not selling. I always feel I am just sharing informaion to buyers. The uyer and the buyer alone makes the decision on what property they choose. When other realtors say, “oh, I sold that houe or condo”
    No, you didn’t sell the house you showed the house and the buyer told you theylike it and would like to make an offer. What part of sellng did I do as a “salesman?”

  2. Sales, Marketing, Customer Care….

    Realtor daily activities are multi-faceted; the professional, listener, problem solver, psychologist, negotiator, discoverer, fact finder, assistant, protector, confider, guidance counselor, etc….

    We may make recommendations, give advice, but at the end of the day the client make their own decision. So often we get so involved in their lives we become “close friends and someone they can reach out to” when needed. It is very rewarding!

    Think about the positives on the days that things seem to be going against the grain.