A Real Estate Lion’s Miraculous Tale of Recovery

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  1. Superb Writing! I don’t believe I have ever read a better book about Real Estate in 33 years of selling Real Estate!

  2. Dave,

    As I wrote you, my husband went through the same thing. The family goes through it too. Selling A wonderful doctor a home at the time he was hospitalized, saved his life.
    People think, as Realtors, we make a lot of money and sometimes we do. But we are truly blessed by the wonderful people we meet and what they bring into our lives when God is blessing us for our love of our work & those we help.

    My husband is strong in character and faith as you. There is nothing to compete with those two traits.

    May God continue to bless both of you with His pouring out of love and grace.

    Sincere regards,

    Linda East
    RE/MAX Executives . Houston
    RE/MAX Agent since 1985