Smiling Science: How to Grin and Wear It

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  1. Vegas Lady

    Seriously? NAR actually hired Mr. Davis to tell real estate agents that they need to smile more and everything will feel better? Could there possibly be anymore smiley and friendly folks on the planet than real estate agents? Even in this gloomy market agents are out there everyday smiling in the face of adversity and many times it’s while they’re losing their own homes and business. The article from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology was laughable. Some one actually paid these people to write something so complicated just to say that smiling is a good thing? I get compliments all the time about my “great smile” but it doesn’t change anything in the crazy foreclosure/low inventory/short sale market I deal with everyday. It’s more akin to “grinning and baring it”. .

  2. I believe a smile or a facial expression that encourages some sort of communication is necessary in our business. How many times have you wanted to ask a question, have a real interest or wish to add the conversation or event and the person has this blank, or worse angry look on their face…complete turnoff! That is how our buyers, sellers and fellow professionals see us – smile and stand tall – if you believe you are doing a good job and providing a needed service. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this!

  3. @VegasLady loved your comment. May I be so bold as to encourage you to “Grin & BEAR it”? Just sayin’…

    PS: I’m smiling.

  4. Darryl Davis

    MaryBeth – you are so right. That is one of the things I talked about. Smiling makes you more approachable with buyers and sellers and it’s a key ingredient to powerful communication.

  5. Suzanne

    In 2012 I made a new year’s resolution to make at least one stranger smile every day. I’m going on two years with this in my head and every day and go out of my way to make it happen. That’s what makes me smile 🙂