Have You Been Useful Today?

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  1. Meg,

    I saw Chris at the Prudential Realty even in Las Vegas this past March. He had a great presentation and it discussed his use of apps in Real Estate. He is a polished speaker and a great tweeter (it is amazing how many social media people have like 50 tweets, really?)

    I blog daily, I was on a local TV station this weekend discussing Historic Houses in Jacksonville, then the same day I saw my name in the local newspaper as the Top Lister for June 2013 for my office. To make it more fun, a local radio station host, who does a home show on Saturday mornings, took a picture of my TV appearance and discussed it on the radio the same time I was on TV. We say Jacksonville is the biggest small town in America.

    But back to blogging, I find it is never a dull moment in blogging. Real Estate is such a large purchase for people, I would rather help educate people on their largest purchase of their lifetime. I answer questions at Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com, anything to help people with their issues in Real Estate. If you want to gain, you have to give and Realtors will not make it long in this business if they take, take, take from their fellow human beings.

    We love Realtor magazine and I hope to see you or some of your cohorts at the Florida Realtors meeting this week in Orlando! Great article!

    Liz Bobeck
    Prudential Network Realty
    Jacksonville, FL