How’s Your Real Estate Vocab?

Full disclosure: I used to read the dictionary as a kid. For fun. That said, I recently received the eighth edition of Barron’s Real Estate Handbook, and I’ve been paging through it whenever I get the chance.

It’s basically a real estate dictionary on steroids. Not only does it have some unconventional definitions and explanations of how each term relates to real estate (i.e.: Baby Boomers, etc.), but most of their more complex definitions include concrete examples explaining how a real estate term works in real life. They include helpful hints for running one’s business, such as the typical fees for a management agreement. And the index is filled with practical mathematical tables that can help you figure out depreciation, monthly mortgage payments by annual interest rate percentage, and many other common real estate equations. Finally, the worksheets and forms at the end are very helpful, with certain forms offering a URL where you can find a printable version of the form online.

But as a word nerd, my favorite thing to do with this book was to challenge my real estate vocabulary with some of the more esoteric terms out there. So, I thought I’d put together a quick quiz for those of you who want to do the same. Try it out and let me know your score in the comment section below!

Meg White

Meg White is the managing editor for REALTOR® Magazine and administrator of the magazine's Weekly Book Scan blog. Contact her at mwhite[at]

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  1. I passed! 100%! I know my stuff!

  2. OK…I didn’t do well…only got one! Guess I know some reading I should catch up on! Thanks.

  3. Missed one (“Vara”). Shorter quiz than I thought. The only test I’ve taken today that I did not pass 🙁

  4. Got all three right.

  5. Ummm… I only got one right! Now I feel really dumb. Can I have a re-take??? LOL! Never flunked a test before!

  6. Whee! 100%

  7. Pat Forger

    And, 100% guess being in the real estate business for over 30 years helps!!

  8. Vanessa

    Passed with 100%. I don’t usually hear these terms out in the field but it is always good to refresh my memory.

  9. John

    A total of 6 seconds to score a 100%. I have actually only been in real estate for a little over one year. Wow maybe since I am also an international airline pilot it makes sense that when I travel to Spain and Brazil I picked up on what a vara was. The funny thing about that it means a different measurement to different folks.

  10. Excellent news for RealEstate

  11. Got them all correct, but must admit I guessed on Question 2.

  12. I may need some remedial training, unfortunately. 🙁

  13. Eric Gibbs

    I passed with a 100!

  14. OH NO, didn’t follow my gut instinct on #2 so only got 67%….did NOT pass; dang it!

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