Monthly Archive:: November 2013

Tips for Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

The past week, I don’t think I passed one evening without spending at least a few minutes working on my Thanksgiving spreadsheet. I’m constantly updating the grocery lists, timetables, cleaning schedules, and more, with the hope that all this...
November 25, 2013

I’d Like to Buy the World a Story

Last Monday, The Coca-Cola Company announced that it would be killing off the consumer end of its corporate website and would be slowly working to do the same to its “press release PR.” In the place of these vehicles...
November 20, 2013

When Books Become the Enemy

Ever gotten a letter of intent from unrepresented buyer offering to purchase your listing for exactly for 63 percent of your list price, subject to an armload of caveats and stipulations? How about a minimalist purchase contract from an...
November 5, 2013