Social Media Advice That Will Never Go Out of Style

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  1. I am interested to see the other 8

  2. scott gold

    I like that you used a Burning man photo

  3. Lindsay

    Thanks for including me Meg. Happy new year!

  4. Hi Meg, Thanks so much for sharing my book, The Art of Social Selling. I would like to add that the heart of selling through social media is about building meaningful relationships and becoming a trusted adviser to your customers/clients. That’s something good sales people (and Realtors!) already do well – so it’s simply a matter of transitioning those skills online. I wrote the book to (hopefully) help others understand that social media should be another tool in their sales strategy – and that success through social selling is definitely obtainable. Best wishes to you and all of your Realtors in 2014! And feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@ShannonBelew) or LinkedIn.

  5. Many of the articles and books I’ve read have been quite contradictory however the tips in your blog hold true and should just be common sense. The key is to come up with original content and engage the reader with a tidbit of information they actually want to know more about. It seems like a lot of realtors fall victim to retweeting & regurgitating information they read somewhere else