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Surviving the Relo Relay

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  1. Diane has nothing on military families that “get transferred” frequently. I know as I grew up in an Air Force family – by the time I was 16 we had moved 14 times. So now that I am in real estate here in San Francisco, I have an appreciation for what my Relo clients are going through, though most here are offered short term corporate housing by the HR departments of the Tech companies who are recruiting them. So it’s not like they are camping out in hotels. I will have to add to my “Advice List” that comment about the movers not packing liquids: “Get busy drinking the booze now”. Or, just give it to the Realtor who just sold your house for you (Heh-Heh-Heh!). Thank you!

  2. Rhonda Woods

    The author said REALTORS get the book for $7.99 if they order 5 or more copies through her. I know I plan on sending it to my 2 nieces and SIL who are military wives. Relo is different from military moves but not any less stressful (I’ve done both). Loved the humor in the book. Thanks for posting about it!

  3. James, I agree 100%! Military families have it much, much harder than corporate relos. And there’s a chapter in my book about giving away liquids and flammables to the moving crew and our listing agent. Liquor is both a liquid and a flammable, you know. 😉

  4. I have to agree with James. We were a military family and I recently counted 25 moves before my kids were in high school – gives me a rich appreciation for those who are moving. I’ll be reading her book for sure:-)