A Must for Would-Be Delegators

Rarely does a real estate sales professional earn freedom from their business.  More often, the most important items are completed on time, and less important ones come second. What kills agent productivity is when they invest money and time learning how to do tasks that can be outsourced, when they could be doing the things they must do themselves, such as prospecting, lead conversion, and managing people.

But how does a top agent identify the items that they should not be doing and that they should instead outsource to other people? If you’re looking to figure out which tasks can be completed by others in less time and for less money than if you were to try to accomplish them yourself, a must for your 2014 reading list is Chris Ducker’s new book, Virtual Freedom (BenBella Books: April 1, 2014).

Rarely does an author get straight to the point about who exactly to hire to accomplish the tasks that will get your marketing engine revving. Ducker’s genius is evident in how he has executed online marketing strategies completed by a variety of virtual assistants. Ducker explains how the rainmaker must prospect for new business, manage the team of virtual assistants, or hold a project manager accountable for following a checklist for each series of events. His system is scalable depending on how much you want to accomplish without being physically attached to each task.

Want to create YouTube videos, podcasts, blog posts, and sharable photos? No problem. Ducker gives you the playbook, details the training for your virtual assistants, explains how to select the right team, and shows how to put the entire marketing system on autopilot.  These are essentially the strategies you need in order to attract more clients and work less. For that reason, they surely appeal to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

I’ve bought five books already because I believe in his process and happy to mail a copy to the first person who comments on this post. One request, though: In your comment, please share how you have automated your business systems using virtual assistants.  Please share in the comment section below.

Doug Devitre

Companies bring in Doug Devitre, CSP, when they want to improve sales and marketing using the latest technology with quantifiable metrics. He is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® Business Specialties Hall of Fame and earned the Certified Speaking Professional award, which is bestowed upon the top 10 percent of professional speakers worldwide. His new book, Screen to Screen Selling—published by McGraw Hill and available in October 2015—helps executives and sales managers increase sales, productivity, and customer experience without being physically present.

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  1. send me the book

  2. Clyent Myrie

    I am trying to hire assistants now so this is timely. Please send me a copy! Hank you!

  3. Stephanie

    I need to begin delegating correctly in order to increase my business. I would love to have a copy of the book.

  4. I have begun automating my business by having a virtual assistant manage my CRM system. She has been in charge of entering customers, their contact information, any pertinent information about their home search or their house for sale, and finally, setting me up with tasks for follow up. She also assists in organizing my taxes for my accountant… I actually plan on either increasing her hours, or if she’s not able to, adding another assistant to the team. This book would be phenomenal for my business right now to see what else I can delegate… Thanks for considering me!

  5. I have not yet used a virtual assistant although I have talked to a couple about doing my TourFactory, craigslist ads, and to gather blog info for my yet to be started blog. I am ready to take the next step.

  6. Margaret Lorenzo

    I work with referral agents and they often understand that by freeing me up from routine tasks we may have a better change at closing the deals they bring me. While this is not exactly virtual since we are face to face the outcome is the same.