How to Answer the Commission Question

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  1. Flo Sayre

    When I am asked to reduce my commission, I ask the person this: “Is your salary negotiable?” They say, “Yes.” I say, “Do they ever go down?” They answer quite adamantly, “NO, of course not!” And I smile and say, “Neither do mine.” Then I hand them the pen to sign the listing agreement. DONE!

  2. Usually Sellers are the ones wanting to negotiate a commission reduction to achieve a higher net. I try to explain to them that the only thing I have to sell is my time and there are no upfront guarantees to me as to how much time I must invest in selling their home. If I offer a discount, what portion of my service would they expect me to reduce in order to save them money.

  3. What about relatives who expect yout services for free? Like a son or in law who wants lots of time and attention totally free or. At best, 1/2. Of 1 per cent. This is not expected from any other family members.
    They are happy I am receivin the commission
    I receive from other clients.
    I’m really stressed about this one transaction that I let go because I value my time and experience. Comments appreciated

  4. Kevin Coburn

    Hi Miriam, What I have done in the past when it comes to close friends and family is I refer them to other agents. This way if for some reason things go south it is not really on me and I get a nice little referral fee when things go through. Friends are worth more than a commission why risk it for a few dollars. Use them for networking.

  5. George Schrempf

    In my state, the seller pays both agents’ commissions.
    What do I say to a seller who wants to negotiate my buyer’s agent commission? It’s easy for me to justify the many hours of work I did on behalf of the buyer, but to be honest a large portion of that work does not directly involve their transaction.