Control Yourself!

A person’s willpower to do the right things consistently over time is the key determinant to success.

Training and development icon Bob Mager can determine a performance problem by asking, “If I put a gun to your head, would you be able to complete the task?”

If you say, “No I can’t do it,” then you have a training problem.

If you say, “Yes, I can do it” and don’t perform, then you have a morale problem.wbs_willpower

There are certain tasks you as a real estate pro just need to accomplish to thrive in this business. These include:

  • Prospecting for new business
  • Generating leads from past clients
  • Signing representation agreements

But however much you know you need to do these things, sometimes it’s tough to force yourself, due to a lack of willpower. So how do you strengthen your willpower?

In The Willpower Instinct (Avery Trade, December 2013), author and Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares years of dedicated research into why and how some people keep themselves from reaching their potential.  She also looks at ways to avoid this trap by saying “no” to unproductive activities and expenditures.

Here are some examples of techniques for staying focused included in the book:

  •  Spend too much time on Facebook or other social sites?  Download the Self Control app to block yourself from using the website after a certain amount of time. You might also wish to consider online productivity tools Freedom and Anti-Social.
  • Do you make spur-of-the-moment purchases?  Wait 10 minutes to 24 hours to mull it over and reconsider the purchase.

How do you keep yourself from making poor choices of using your time or money?  Share your ideas in the comment section below.

Doug Devitre

Companies bring in Doug Devitre, CSP, when they want to improve sales and marketing using the latest technology with quantifiable metrics. He is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® Business Specialties Hall of Fame and earned the Certified Speaking Professional award, which is bestowed upon the top 10 percent of professional speakers worldwide. His new book, Screen to Screen Selling—published by McGraw Hill and available in October 2015—helps executives and sales managers increase sales, productivity, and customer experience without being physically present.

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