The Top Business Book of 2014

The Financial Times has come out with its list of top financial books for the tenth year, and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read one of them! Granted, none are specifically about real estate. But being as concentrated upon economic issues as the British publication is, it shouldn’t surprise me that almost every one of FT’s choices seem like they are about large systems of finance, where one of the cogs is undoubtedly real estate.

©Andalusia, 2006. Morguefile

©Andalusia, 2006. Morguefile

Reading their reviews, it looks like I’ll have to pick up a few of these for review here at the Book Scan in 2015. I’m especially interested in their top pick: Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty. The synopsis promises “his findings will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.” A tall order indeed.

In the meantime, let me know if you’ve read and/or enjoyed Piketty’s book or any of these on this year’s short list:

Or just for fun, check out my post about the FT best financial book list last year. And a hap-py new year!

Meg White

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