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Here at the Book Scan, my job is to not only review books and keep you in the loop with pertinent book news, but to learn what real estate professionals want to read about. In that spirit, I wanted to look at the top ten full-length articles published in 2014 (in terms of unique visitors) at REALTOR® Magazine Online.library_unsplash

As you’ll see below, our top ten is an interesting mix of design trends and business/technology advice. But another phenomenon that became clear when looking at all of the favorite blog entries and shorter Daily News pieces was your intense focus on safety in 2014. Readers were extremely engaged in stories about slain Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter in the daily news and in our blogs. Stories about staying safe on the job and other real estate pros facing harrowing situations in the field ranked high in our daily news feeds as well. And in the article list below, one piece on how to help clients stay safe was also a popular read, coming in at number six:

  1. 21 Hot Housing Trends for 2015: Everyone wants to be hip, and the latest trends in design can help distinguish one home from another. And it’s not all flash; many new home fads are geared to pare maintenance and energy use and deliver information faster. Here’s a look at what’s coming.
  2. 5 Reasons You Won’t Make it Selling Real Estate: Unless you are fully committed to real estate and have a solid business plan, you will have trouble finding success. Sales coach Jared James outlines five situations that can bring down your career — and how to avoid them.
  3. 10 Things Real Estate Pros Need to Stop Telling Themselves: Words are powerful, and the words you say to yourself can make or break you as a real estate professional. Here are 10 things you need to stop saying immediately.
  4. 10 Facebook Dos and Don’ts: Facebook is a great marketing tool, if you use it wisely.
  5. Smartphone Photography Gets an Upgrade: At the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, several manufacturers are introducing ways to upgrade your mobile photographs with attachable lenses, cameras with more megapixels, and portable printers.
  6. The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients: Keep all parties safe in a transaction by offering buyers and sellers these important tips.
  7. 2013-14 Cost vs. Value: Remodeling Pays Off Big Time: Home improvement projects across the board are giving home owners a greater return on their investment when it comes time to sell. Find out which projects “open the door” to buyers and where remodeling dollars stretch the furthest.
  8. How to Avoid Total Self-Destruction: You can’t miss out on an epic deal because you were too busy meditating. But you also can’t give yourself a heart attack. What is the answer?
  9. A Dozen Ways to Make Kitchens Sizzle: Whether they’re getting their house ready for the market or creating a dream kitchen in a home they just bought, clients considering a major kitchen redo will need guidance. Here are 12 tips and trends to help you serve as their resource.
  10. What Millennial Buyers Want (Now): Here are 10 trends in home amenities and interior design that elicit interest from the newest generation of buyers.

What were the most important stories to your business in 2014? What do you think will be the big themes of 2015?

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