4 Ways to Rise Above the Noise & Generate Leads Online

Are you drowning in the endless supply of data? Chances are your customers and clients are too. Search engines are quick-loading when it comes to giving advice. And too often, that advice is automated, over-opinionated, and misinformed. The buzz of social media is quietly fading and the scream for demonstrating value is taking on new forms of creativity that promote the customer’s best interest, not just sell a solution.

Credit:  Ryan McGuire, Gratisography.

Credit: Ryan McGuire, Gratisography.

So how do you lend a helping hand without coming across as a salesperson who is just looking for a commission check? In his new book, YouTility for Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals are Helping not Selling (Portfolio | Penguin in November, 2014), Jay Baer really lives up to his subtitle. This shortened version of his New York Times best-selling book YouTility provides practical case studies on how real estate agents are succeeding with this approach.

Here are four elements of Baer’s new book that you can implement in your marketing right away.

“Friend of Mine” Awareness

The best source of business is via trusted referrals and past clients. The way to achieve this in a social media world is by getting personal. An agent who shares an undifferentiated, company-centric messages will find their marketing goes unseen, unshared, and un-referred. The more targeted the message and the more value it offers to a specific customer type, the more likely people are to share the message with others because they can easily see how everyone can benefit.

Self-Serve Information

Customers are starving for the right answers, not just any answers. If you can post authoritative, easy-to-understand solutions to potential clients’ online queries, you’re building trust before you ever meet them. And sometimes a helpful tip will require the customer to contact you to get more specific details. Baer calls these information-packed nuggets “knowledge snacks.” If you don’t feed your customers, they might go searching for another meal elsewhere.

Real-Time Relevancy

Even more rare than accurate information is an accurate understanding of what the data represents. Outdated statistics, legal information, and accounting principles that don’t automatically update can easily mislead a customer. In order to combat this problem in a constantly changing world, you need to make yourself available. Increase your accessibility by opening up your communications on several mobile-friendly channels. Then, when a customer has questions you can quickly respond to their answers according to their preferred method of communication.

Radical Transparency

Have you ever publicly given a potential customer a good reason not to hire you? What might seem to be a self-destructive maneuver is actually a brilliant tactic in disguise. A post or video that outlines the type of real estate professional you aren’t can be a real differentiator in your marketing. One of my favorite examples of this comes from the BREL Team in Toronto. They say customers who “just want someone to tell you what you want to hear” or who are “looking for a discount agent” should seek services elsewhere. This tactic works to both introduce your style to unknown prospects and to help you find clients who are looking for the specific types of service you provide.

Doug Devitre

Companies bring in Doug Devitre, CSP, when they want to improve sales and marketing using the latest technology with quantifiable metrics. He is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® Business Specialties Hall of Fame and earned the Certified Speaking Professional award, which is bestowed upon the top 10 percent of professional speakers worldwide. His new book, Screen to Screen Selling—published by McGraw Hill and available in October 2015—helps executives and sales managers increase sales, productivity, and customer experience without being physically present.

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