What’s Old Is New in Small Home Living

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  1. Meg,

    Great piece on prefabulous book by sheri koones, if you have any current references to builders/developers that are marketing and selling as a micro-home or small home community, I would appreciate any links.

    This concept of smaller space living is on the bleeding edge of new development, design and lifestyle, which will be fueled by offsite construction fabricators that will supply the designs and innovations demanded by the end-consumer…

    We need live examples, models that work, development models that prove ROI is at the back end of this new approach to the market. The research shows the demand from the downsizers and baby boomers is their, they just need innovative value rich products, accessories and amenities to access…

    Tim Kuntz, VP Business Development
    Offsite Construction Division – Ontario Canada
    Laprise Group of Companies
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