A Reader’s Guide to Orlando

Every year I like to take a look at some of the authors who are going to be speaking at the REALTORS® Conference and Expo, in the hopes of giving attendees a list of reading materials for the ride down, and to provide those who can’t attend an option for following along in a literary way.

Photo: keyseeker, Morguefile

Photo: keyseeker, Morguefile

(Side note: If you are going to be in town, check out what may indeed be only remaining independent bookstore in Orlando, Bookmark It, located in the pretty neat-looking Audubon Park Garden District.)

Here are three authors who will be speaking at the conference, alongside books of theirs that might be of interest to the real estate world.

  • Retired four-star General Colin L. Powell isn’t just a former Secretary of State, National Security Advisor and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he’s also an accomplished author. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say at his keynote address at General Session on Saturday, Nov. 5. While he’s written a number of books, it seems that his It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership (Harper Collins, 2012) might be a good one for Book Scan readers to pick up. In it, Powell reiterates his “13 Rules” and examines how they’ve impacted his life in a positive way. I especially love rules 10 (Remain calm. Be kind.) and 11 (Have a vision. Be demanding.).
  • Since writing Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (Crown Publishers, 2012), Susan Cain has created a whole movement advocating the recognition of the contribution that introversion makes in our world. Even if you’re a confirmed extrovert, understanding how best to communicate with clients and colleagues who aren’t can help you forge better relationships in business and in your personal life. You can read more about Cain in this REALTOR® Magazine interview, or go see her speak in Orlando on Saturday, Nov. 5.
  • I love how Daniel Gilbert explains the economic psychology behind why sellers think their houses are worth so much more than buyers are willing to pay in this REALTOR® Magazine interview. He clearly understands the emotions behind the deal, which is why I think he’ll be a speaker you won’t want to miss on Friday, Nov. 4. If you like that interview, you might want to pick up his book, Stumbling on Happiness (Random House 2006) for a look at some of the surprising ways our ability to imagine the future and predict how much we will like it when we get there affects how satisfied we are with our lives.

Meg White

Meg White is the managing editor for REALTOR® Magazine and administrator of the magazine's Weekly Book Scan blog. Contact her at mwhite[at]realtors.org.

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