10 Reasons Why Real Estate Is the Best

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  1. Meg, I own a Real Estate & Mortgage company for about 12 years. Came from a very professions sales, marketing, management background in Medical Device Technology.
    Whay are agents so poorly trained in sales? Why do agents lie over 90% of the time when representing Sellers snd Buyers. Why so deceptive, manipulative, lacking any sense of moral values? Why the ineffective Ethics training. Why federal law routinely violated no engorcement? Why the braggadocio as a value proposition to consumers? Why the boasting about “over asking” “number of offers”, as if they mastered some Everest feat? Why can’t the real estate industry be trusted? Why can’t Realtors be authentic? Consumers are sick of it as I am. Tech companies are working to eliminate agents. How can this insanity be
    Ameliorated? Made extinct? Tell me? I will do it?

  2. Buying home does not always gives you biggest return on your money. But there is a way to earn same or even greater from investment in real estate by owning a rental property.

  3. Thanks for this article! It feels happy to be reminded of these things.