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The Internet Is Not a Tulip

By Christopher M. Leporini, REALTOR® Magazine Following the bust, some pundits derided the hype surrounding the new economy as another Tulipmania, where greed and folly made tulip bulbs more valuable than gold before the market’s collapse. But unlike...
September 1, 2002

Memoirs of a Successful CEO

By Christopher M. Leporini, REALTOR® Magazine They called him Neutron Jack. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch accumulated other labels during his 20 year tenure, but for many years that nickname stuck. Some employees gave it to him in...
September 1, 2001

Your Ethics Resource

By Bruce H. Aydt, CRB, executive vice president and legal counsel for The Henry Co., REALTORS®, St. Louis. Real Estate Ethics: Good Ethics = Good Business, 3rd ed. William H. Pivar & Donald L. Harlan. 192pp. Real Estate Education...
August 1, 1996