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How to Build a Brokerage, the Entrepreneurial Way

Finally, real estate brokers get their own E-Myth. No, I’m not talking about some sort of internet rumor or online fairy tale. I mean that business writer Michael Gerber has made real estate brokerages the eighth stop on his...
September 7, 2012

What Drives the Entrepreneur in You?

You’re either an entrepreneur or you’re not. Right? Well, according to Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck: What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur and Build a Great Business, success in business creation is not dependent on just one “it”...
June 11, 2012

Breaking Bad Habits: Small Life Changes Equal Big Results

By Agnes Masnik, Freelance Writer for REALTOR® Magazine For real estate professionals, the bottom line is business. While some people become complacent in their job, others seek opportunities to create more business prospects. To avoid complacency, think of one...
December 8, 2011

A Conversation with Harvey Mackay

From bouncing back from rejection to finding inspiration, Harvey Mackay, author of The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World, talks about becoming the best salesperson you can be. Learn how to hone your strengths and amp up...
November 1, 2011

Actor, Author Wayne Rogers Says, ‘Do Your Homework!’

By Meg White, REALTOR® Magazine It’s hard to imagine someone with business interests ranging from Hollywood to wine-making to wedding dress sales being worried about becoming the proverbial cog in the machine, but Wayne Rogers avoids this fate at...
October 5, 2011