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Our 5 Hottest Stories of the Year

The readers have spoken! REALTOR® Magazine readers checked out these five articles more than any others on our site this part year. It’s time you learned what they learned about self-defense, the perils of conventional wisdom, the intersection of...
December 8, 2017

Author Chat: John Maloof

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey John Maloof, author of The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to FSBOs (AMACOM, 2008), responds to your questions about how to grow your business by attracting FSBOs to your services. What’s the most common misperception that...
December 3, 2007

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to FSBOs: 5 Ways to Prospect FSBOs

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey QUICK SKIM Think that FSBOs dread hearing from you? Think again. Studies show that nine out of 10 FSBOs eventually end up hiring an agent to sell their home. Yet, only 5 percent of real...
November 27, 2007