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Dream Team

Despite (or maybe due to) the solitary nature of real estate, it’s one of those industries that runs best when the lines of communication are open. That’s why you see so many mentor-mentee arrangements and cross-professional relationships. But what...
February 24, 2017

Are You Ready for the Next Sandy?

The recent hurricane on the East Coast may be over, but the cleanup process is just now beginning. Beyond debris pickup, property managers and owners across the area are learning what preparations worked well, and what they can do...
November 1, 2012

Managing Terrorism Risks Reduces Premiums

By Christopher M. Leporini, REALTOR® Magazine Post 9/11, we live in an uncertain world. Among the terrorist attacks’ more tangible effects has been an across-the-board increase in commercial building insurance rates. Conning Corporation, which tracks insurance industry performance, reports...
January 2, 2003