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Cracking the Burglary Code: Are You a Target?

Criminals look at a neighborhood using a totally different calculus than residents and real estate pros do. Learn how their lenses make targets out of certain geographic, social and architectural features. ...
June 24, 2016

Surviving the Relo Relay

So I’ve been working on this project called Street Cred with the our pals over at Doorsteps, a platform that works with real estate pros to educate and empower home buyers. It’s basically all about how REALTORS® are truly...
January 13, 2014

Understanding Why People Like Where They Live

By Bob Soron, Copy Editor, REALTOR® Magazine QUICK SKIM Do you love where you live? Or is it just where you landed, where you happened to settle? When you meet a potential client, can you tell whether they’re just...
November 10, 2009