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5 Surprising Public Speaking Tips

I’ve never really been comfortable that oft-quoted stat that humans are more afraid of public speaking than death, or abnormally large spiders even. Giving a speech doesn’t often kill a person, President William Henry Harrison being a noted exception....
March 10, 2016

Going Up? How an Elevator Speech Could Help

You’re no doubt familiar with the concept of an elevator speech; you’ve probably been told you should write one for this or that idea, or to snag such-and-such a client. But did you know that Ronald Reagan, the U.S....
December 11, 2012

Profit by Publicity: 5 Ways to Get More Publicity

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey QUICK SKIM These days, you may be more inclined to run from the media than aim to be on their speed dial. But by having your face on the nightly news or your name in...
July 23, 2008