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Top Real Estate Stories of 2014

Here at the Book Scan, my job is to not only review books and keep you in the loop with pertinent book news, but to learn what real estate professionals want to read about. In that spirit, I wanted...
December 30, 2014

Stranger Than Fiction

Myka Allen-Johnson left her teaching job after she had her life threatened, thumb broken, and hair torn out. But that was just the warm-up routine. Now she’s here to talk about how crazy her life has been since then,...
June 17, 2013

Real Estate Confessional

Ever walked into a private moment during a showing? Been tormented by a seller’s serpent? You’re not alone. Confessions of an Estate Agent, by Rosalind Russell, is a collection of funny, embarrassing and entirely true stories from real estate...
November 12, 2012