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Present It Like TED

Carmine Gallo picked the brains of the people who gave the most popular TED Talks ever and compiled an almost encyclopedic look at how to get and keep an audience's rapt attention. Here are a few tips from the...
September 3, 2014

Combat 5 Bad Communication Habits

Imagine this: You’re wrapping up a listing presentation and your would-be seller says she has a few concerns. You sit down to hear her out, but somehow at the end of the conversation, you still don’t understand what the...
September 24, 2012

We Need to Talk

We all know a sales manager or two like Brad Hutchinson, the main character in Brian Souza’s new book. Seems like they always have three things: amazing numbers, endless confidence, and no clue how to manage people. But how...
August 6, 2012