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The Invention and Evolution of a Space and Place Called the Ghetto

“Ghetto.” The word evokes a long and vexing tradition of racial imagery and history in the United States. We may think we know what the word means, but where does it come from? Why does it carry such socio-cultural...
July 12, 2018

Real Estate Retrotalk

The real estate industry has left its mark on our culture in a number of ways. But what kind of mark has culture left on modern real estate? Learn the odd origins of real estate phrases you use every...
March 26, 2013

Watch Your Words

I’m just going to admit it: I’m swamped, along with the rest of the staff here at REALTOR® Magazine. The result is a growing stack of half-read books on my desk that I just haven’t had the chance to...
February 25, 2013